Position Yourself as the Expert

“Financially Tuned” is the radio program designed to integrate with your entire marketing mix, or stand alone as a lead generating, credibility-enhancing program.

There are many producers who have considered utilizing radio as it is a time-tested medium that can garner HUGE results, but radio can also be a HUGE commitment. Creating a weekly show will dominate your time, and your time is too valuable.

“Financially Tuned” is specifically designed to generate leads and position you as THE EXPERT. We do all the heavy lifting and you get all the results.

The Preparation

Extend Your REACH

Our radio team can help you book a time-slot at a local station. We do all the research and media buying on your behalf and present you with the best options. We will walk you through the options, including an Arbitron analysis of each choice, to ensure that the image your brand deserves reaches the client base you want to target.

The Encore

Extending your results

We will help prepare the rest of your marketing collateral and presentation materials to capitalize on your radio show. We implement compelling calls-to-action that help you build credibility and capture leads.

While the radio show may be the most visible part of this effort, your website provides the infrastructure to turn listeners into prospects. By incorporating dynamic content, professional video and high-quality calls-to-action, you website will constantly be updated to always match the topics of your radio show. This seamless transition from the content of the show, the content of your site and compelling calls-to-action will optimize your prospecting results.

The Results

“Financially Tuned” has a PROVEN track record of success. Radio is an exciting medium, with many different possibilities, but if it’s not building your brand or generating more business … what’s the point? It all boils down to the results … and we have them.

See for yourself and watch as some of our top producers explain how “Financially Tuned” provided new-found success.

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"Getting at least 1 lead per week and will close his first piece of business next week with $265k of premium
"My first lead from Financially Tuned has $4 million in assets
"Since starting the Financially Tuned radio program my business has doubled
"Last week I had two different leads call me after hearing my radio show. The first has asked me to handle $3.9 million of his savings and the other has $300,000 in retirement accounts!

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